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Excellent kennels in Northern Ireland

vaccination records

Entry with vaccination records

Q: Do we need to vaccinate our dog before we come over?
A: Yes. We can admit your dog only after you have given us the vaccination records. To keep everyone in our dog boarding facility safe, we insist that the certificates are valid and updated. We require your dog to have Kennel Cough vaccine at least five days before coming over. This is in addition to the annual booster vaccination against distemper, parvo-virus etc. We do not not permit admittance without vaccination documentation.

Q. What are your opening hours?
A. Monday - Saturday 9.00am  -  11.30am
                                    5.00pm  -    7.00pm

Sunday                       9.00am  -  10.30am
                                   4.00pm  -   6.00pm

Unless by Prior Agreement.
There will be no charge, for the final day, for dog's collected before 11.30am (10.30am on Sunday).

Food and exercise for your dog

Q. Do we provide our own food?
A. We stock a range of quality dried kibble and tinned foods and will keep your dog on as similar diet as possible, to when at home. However, if your dog is on a special food, i.e. "puppy" or "senior" as recommended by your Vet. You may wish to provide that. We will also keep as close as possible to regular feed times.

Q. Will our dog be walked?
A. Yes all the dogs are walked twice daily. The countryside we use is private, only dogs in Beech Tree use the paths and there are lots of scents, making "walkies" very enjoyable. Some dogs need more exercise than others, we are flexible in such instances. We also have "off lead time" to play, retrieve tennis balls etc. in a secure, fenced area.

healthy food for dogs

Stress and familiar articles

Q. Our puppy has never been in kennels before, will he fret?
 A. Being a small kennel seems to help. We do have a lot of dogs, now regulars, and this was their first time in kennels, some puppies, and some rescue dogs whose owners were unsure about using boarding kennels, but with lots of attention and "TLC", they quickly adapt and become confident in the kennel environment and surroundings.

Q. Do we need to bring his bed?
A. Not necessarily, we will provide plastic beds, baskets, blankets rugs etc. but maybe something with a scent from home helps a puppy settle, it could be his bed or blanket or just an old t-shirt etc. Some owners also like to bring favourite toys, chews etc. Familiarity will help make a pet feel more secure.

For excellent dog boarding facilities across Northern Ireland, get in touch with Beech Tree Kennels at 028 9081 4849 or 07990 575 129

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